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Single Review: P!nk – ‘Are We All We Are’

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Every time you think you know P!nk and her music, she throws us a curve ball just to keep us guessing. The latest in her bag of tricks comes in the form of her new single Are We All We Are, an upbeat rock/pop anthem overflowing with that famous P!nk attitude.

Pink - Are We All We AreThe song starts with an edgy punk rock feel before switching to a more dance club tone and settling down after the first “Are we all we are/Are we all we are” makes an appearance. After that, the song sticks to a steady blend of pop and rock elements with a club friendly and hella catchy chorus.

The verses build with P!nk’s famously powerful voice as she makes her way through to the anthem-like chorus (“We are the people that you’ll never get the best of…”) and as the catchy albeit slightly annoying “Are we all we are/Are we all we are” is repeated.

Known for being a musician who stands up for the “little guy”, P!nk’s new track is another powerful tune which is just made to be played loud and sang (shouted) along with. Somehow P!nk keeps finding ways to produce original and impressive music and Are We All We Are is just one more example of her ability to do so.