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Single Review: Louis Tomlinson – ‘Miss You’

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Photo: Simon Jones PR

Miss You is the new single by Louis Tomlinson, former One Direction. The song, written by the English singer and songwriter, anticipates Louis’ first solo album that is probably going to be released in 2018.

The song opens with a strong, but not elaborated, guitar line that defines the rhythm throughout the entire track. Miss You is about a time when Louis used to party everyday, without really enjoying his time and trying to convince himself of the opposite “Everything is great / Everything is fucking great”. In the chorus Louis clearly identifies his problem: although everything should be amazing, there is something wrong, the person who he loves is not there and he misses her. In the second verse, Louis starts to release that the way he portraits himself is different from the way he feels, by acknowledging the importance of his past relationship. The sound is enriched by multiple elements, as chorus, violin and acoustic guitar, which help to give depth to the track.

The music style recalls One Direction’s traits, although it can be defined as pop-rock thanks to the intense guitar sound. The lyrics are extremely relatable, but simple and hardly remarkable. In terms of vocals, Miss You represents one of Louis’ best performances.