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Album Review: Pink – Trustfall

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Trustfall is a multi-genre exploration of love, grief and self-empowerment laced with P!nk’s soulful vocals... Our review of P!nks new album

It’s been over two decades since P!nk burst onto the scene with her debut album Can’t Take Me Home (2000). Since then P!nk has built up a reputation for her carefree attitude, signature aerial moves at her performances and a repertoire of hits including Who Knew, Raise Your Glass and Get The Party Started. Now in 2023, P!nk is still as relevant as ever as she releases her ninth studio album Trustfall. 

Known for her famous pop-rock sound and powerful ballads, P!nk continues to successfully explore these two genres on Trustfall. Including the opening track, When I Get There, which is a piano-driven ballad and an outlet for P!nk’s grief after losing her father in 2021. She sings ‘Is there a bar up there where you’ve got a favorite chair? / Where you sit with friends and talk about the weather?’. P!nk manages to take her mourning and turn it into something beautiful which listeners who have gone through grief will be able to appreciate. In contrast, the catchy punk-pop Hate Me hears P!nk’s other side where her strong vocals reel off hateful language about herself including ‘villain’, ‘monster’ and ‘evil witch’.

Trustfall has three features on the album which include the folk band The Lumineers on Long Way To Go. The slow and steady track hears lead-singer Wesley Schultz and P!nk’s vocals combine to sing about vulnerability. P!nk is also joined by Swedish Sisters First Aid Kit on the country-sounding Kids In Love, where their harmonies singing of nostalgia are backed by an acoustic guitar. Before closing the album with country star Chris Stapleton on the duet Just Say I’m Sorry, which surprisingly is actually more of a ballad than a country song.

Other noteworthy collaborators on the album also include Max Martin, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, as well as Fred Again, arguably the hottest producer in dance music at the moment. Fred and Johnny lend a helping hand on the title track Trustfall to create a modern EDM anthem packed with P!nk’s soaring vocals. P!nk can be seen to experiment with the dance genre throughout the album, with Trustfall also featuring the electropop Runway and Never Gonna Not Dance Again, an empowering groove and Pink’s answer to modern Disco. 

Trustfall is a multi-genre exploration of love, grief and self-empowerment laced with P!nk’s soulful vocals. P!nk is doing what she does best, turning her everyday life experiences into beautiful sounding music. P!nk has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, helping to give her a versatile and current sound for 2023, which is no wonder she’s had a successful career that spans over two decades with multiple hits.

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