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Single Review: Liam Payne – ‘Bedroom Floor’

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Photo: Matthew Brookes

As all One Direction alumni have, Liam Payne continues his solo career attempt with the single Bedroom Floor. Penned by Charlie Puth and J Kash, Payne’s latest hit is much more pop than electro and much more mainstream UK pop than his previous single Strip Down, featuring Migos and Quavos.

Liam’s voice is brilliant, that much we expect from someone who rose high to the ranks of the UK’s biggest singing competition (The X Factor). He suits rhythmic, summer pop tracks well, and it seems that is what he’s going for with Bedroom Floor. Lyrically, it’s simple, there isn’t too much going into it nor too much to take away, however this leaves us to focus on his well practised vocals and all round good backing track which gives the whole song it’s positive energy. Whether you hear this in a club or on the radio whilst commuting, it’s a good track to pass the time.

It’s hard to not compare the solo efforts of each One Direction alum, especially when they’re featuring in the charts at the same time *looking at you, Niall Horan*. Liam doesn’t stack up that well; Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have been very experimental and risky in pushing the boundaries of their music, lyrics and style. However Liam is playing it extremely safe with basic lyrics and cookie cutter synth overlayed. We’re sorry Liam, but you need to up your game to compete with the other guys.

However, that’s not to say that Liam hasn’t chosen his speciality carefully, he’s clearly very good at what he’s set out to do.

Bedroom Floor is Cheryl’s favourite single of her boyfriend’s, whether this is a good sign or not for his full length debut is left to be seen.