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Album Review: Tegan and Sara – The Con X

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photo: pamela littky / Warner

A pair of Canadian sister legends who have been consistently crushing the game with their indie music mixing into the mainstream pop world Tegan and Sara have dropped The Con X.

10 years on from the release of the The Con, an LP the duo famously found extremely difficult to create, T+S have created a tribute to it. The Con X (presumably pronounced like the iPhone X) consisting of covers of the 14 original tracks by various artists including Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Mykki Blanco, CHVRCHES and Bleachers. Already an impressive feat, but made more so when it’s known that all proceeds will be going to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, benefiting LGBTQ+ girls and women. All artists involved donated their times and record labels waived fees, so all proceeds really does mean all proceeds. Before getting into the music, it’s already incredible.

Without any doubt, it’s a tasteful and thoughtful homage to their 2007 release, which it of course would be when curated by T+S themselves. Ruth B.’s I Was Married welcomes you back to The Con with slow, powerful piano. Hayley William’s track, Nineteen, is particularly notable for being one of her few tracks without the rest of Paramore. It’s a little time to shine for her as a vocalist in a different environment, she of course nails it. The Ryan Adams track, Back in Your Head, is a far cry from the two above mentioned, but is just as fantastic to listen to. This is a compilation for the ages.

Diehard fans may be disappointed to only see one T+S led track, and that’s only on the bonus digital edition, also boasting an amazing Cyndi Lauper feature.T+S treat fans to Miami Still – Demo Bonus Track, whilst it could be a bit disappointing to not have a complete T+S track on what could be considered one of their studio albums, it doesn’t detract from the whole experience.