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Single Review: Calvin Harris – ‘Faking It’

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Photo: Conor McDonnell/Sony Music Australia

Calvin Harris is one of world’s most famous names in the music industry today. Crafting cleverly arranged remixes and choppy and sliced together home productions in his early years which culminated in his first full-length release I Created Disco (a personal favourite of mine), he has gone onto produce for, collaborate and release material with some of the biggest and best artists in pop music. His previous efforts to date have not only brought him up to be a household name in both album and singles charts around the globe, but has also resulted in him being named in the Forbes list of the highest earning DJ’s; an accomplishment that can’t be sniffed at!

His most recent project titled Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 brought a star-studded roster of collaborators to dive into a new funk-driven musical expanse that captured the sun soaked vibes of beachfront American summer time. The latest single to be launched from this very accomplished record, is Faking It. The track drops in some distinctive bass grooves alongside light atmospheric synth that provides the backdrop for the vocals during the next section. Compared to Harris’ previous singles that are full and heavily layered builders that would fill gig venues, stages and huge glittering clubs, this feels incredibly stripped back and simplified with real intuition.

From the outside, Calvin Harris an artist who appears to have refined his sound to the point that if there was a secret formula for producing the hit perfect club track, he’s not only worked it out, but has put it to extensive and very clever use. Faking It has the characteristics of a song where he has chosen to mix things up and experiment with other genres to see what comes out of it at the other end, whether that be good or bad.

Luckily (but not at all surprisingly), it has worked very well. The song is a soundtrack to the twilight hours of a beach party somewhere in California. Listening to the track and the album for us, may well be as good as getting the invite!