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Single Review: One Direction – ‘Story of my Life’

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The best advertising possible for the UK X Factor, superstar boy band One Direction, keep their fan base real with a toned down, folk-inspired song, seemingly about the last 20 years of their lives. That was a joke. They are barely 20, with cutest member Harry Styles still rocking it out at age 19.

one-direction-story-of-my-life350x350Following a similar formula to that of their second album Take Me Home, the group is mixing the pop track plethora up with a classy, thought provoking song. In the previous case it was the Ed Sheeran inspired track Little Things, and for the upcoming third album Midnight Memories, they’re using Story of my Life.

It’s been thrown around that this single is very Mumford and Sons. That would be true if maybe One Direction played around with the tones of their voices. As it were it’s just a little bit folk-pop, but mostly dreamy ballad.  It’s a nice change from Best Song Ever, which acted as the leading single, although the boys are at their best when they can jump around like bunnies while performing their tracks. No such luck here. Its chairs for everyone I’m afraid.

But Story of my Life is a nice, elegant and workable go at a sub-genre, making for some catch your breath easy listening within the upcoming album.

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