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Ones To Watch: Kalpee

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Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Genre: Pop

With Millions of streams under his belt, and a voice so good you’ll be pleading to hear more, Kalpee is ready to be a real summer sensation…

Having racked up over 12 million streams since his Debut single ‘No One’ was released last May, it’s safe to say that urban-pop artist Kalpee is a pretty big deal. He is now back with his new single ‘Colourful’ released August 17th and it is set to meet and exceed the success of his previous release.

Starting simply, ‘Colourful’ places Kalpee’s vocals front and centre which is right where they should be. His voice is achingly beautiful while being tonally unique, and rhythmically exciting. The track is then taken up a notch by the inclusion of a weighty drum beat and dream-like synths. The single is percussive, and catchy, and you won’t be able to stop yourself dancing to it.

[youtube id=”c9QPnl5Lr-M” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Kalpee’s debut solo single garnered a positive reception worldwide, with it flying across radio stations and streaming services in Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Brussels, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan, and more. It continues to be a huge hit and currently has over 7 million plays on YouTube.

Riding high on the success of his Debut release and his Guest Performance at Wembley’s Color Run, Kalpee is now gearing up for the release of his next single ‘Colourful’ on August 17th. With its hybrid musicality and strong rhythmic pull, it is ready to take its place as 2018’s summer anthem…

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