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Ones To Watch: Juna N Joey

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Location: Nashville, USA

Members: Juna Defeo and Joey Defeo

Genre: Pop-Country

Juna N Joey are Brother/Sister, Singer/Songwriter, Country Pop Duo (think Dan + Shay and Lady A). Born in W Palm Beach, FL and recently moved to Nashville, the duo’s popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7.2 million collective views and a viral Tik Tok of 6.7 million.

Juna at 17, is a charismatic singer/songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned professional. In addition to singing, she also plays acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards in her band. Juna started developing her writing abilities at the tenderage of 11.

Joey at 19, is also a singer/songwriter with powerful vocals and beautiful harmonies. He is also a multi-instrumentalist including the sax. In addition to writing together, the duo often collaborates with top songwriters in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles.

With the release of “’Til Your Heart Breaks,” Juna N Joey put their own fresh, contemporary spin on a classic country theme – heartache. The track tells the story of a narrator enduring his first heartbreak and feeling the crushing emotions that accompany the experience of losing someone. Written alongside Kaylianne Lowe and Doug Lowe, the duo describes the pain of a relationship falling apart with lyrics such as, ‘“Til your heart breaks / You can’t see the reason for a good cry / You don’t know the pain of a goodbye / And you wonder why everyone hates heartache / Until your heart breaks.”

This summer the duo performed at Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in June coming in second in the battle of the bands. Then it was on to Nashville to Ole Red and a tour of the N East and Florida. In the fall, they opened for Twinnie in the UK and The British Country Fest and the S Florida Fair.

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