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Ones To Watch: Danielle Lewis

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Location: Wales

Genre: Indie Alt-Pop

Welsh born Danielle Lewis’ goal for her new EP ‘Live Forever’ (released July 6th) was clear. She wanted to create music that was honest and authentic, and yet she didn’t want to be an artist who was afraid to explore and innovate. Welcome ‘Live Forever’, the EP that so perfectly achieves these ambitions.

The EP features other lead track ‘Lead Me to The Sea’, a single about the desire to travel with a guitar part that perfectly conjures up the sounds of rolling waves. It also includes additional standout tracks ‘Hollywood Sunshine’, a delicate and powerful nod to the 1950’s, ‘Pin up Lady’, an upbeat track with a pulsating acoustic vibe, and ‘Ace of Hearts’, the song that Danielle herself said was ‘the boldest and biggest swerve in direction for me’.

‘Live Forever’ ebbs along lackadaisically, accompanied by a strong synth presence artful reverb and yet there is no denying who the real star of the show is. Danielle’s vocals hauntingly float around as though free from the confines of vocal range and breath control, traversing phrases with a delicacy rarely found in singers who possess vocal power as strong as she does.

Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciaran is currently producing a remix of Danielle’s title track ‘Live Forever’, and the amalgamation of Cian’s psychedelic rock vibe and Danielle’s hauntingly delicate vocals make for an extremely exciting collaboration.

Produced by Secondson, Danielle respected his perfectionism and the intricate sophistication of his previous releases. “I feel the songs I wrote for Live Forever warranted his attention. His production has given my songs dignity, and our collaboration has strengthened my authenticity as a person and an artist.”

With her EP being released on July 6th and new music already in the pipeline, Danielle Lewis is ready to share her unique talent with the world, and we could not be more excited for her bewitchingly delicate debut.

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