Wed. May 25th, 2022

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Ones To Watch: Maria Muller

2 min read

Location: London, UK

Genre: Pop

Ten years ago Maria Muller decided to sell everything she had to follow her lifelong ambition and train as a classical singer. She kept only what was essential, packed them in a suitcase, and had one last look at the life and house that she had built from the rear view mirror as she journeyed to the airport to begin her new life.

It is now a decade later, and Maria has never felt happier or more content, characteristics that shine through in her music. Maria always felt a pull to classical music and yet she had never quite managed to find her true sound, it was when she began to think about music as she did when she was a child that she truly grew into her voice. She played a few chords on the keyboard and before she knew it she had written the lyrics and melody for a song.

Maria is now back with her new single ‘Lost’, an expressive and laidback track that is very Liza Minelli meets Marianne Faithful. The song starts simply with a catchy synth hook and then, after a few bars, Maria’s vocals are introduced. Her voice has beautiful tone, and there is an impressive amount of control that can only be acquired by years of professional vocal training. A quiet and rhythmic drum beat then joins the melee as the track builds to its high energy climax.

With ‘Lost’ set to be released on August 17th and the suggestion of new music already in the pipeline, stay tuned to find out what this soulful and talented musician achieves next.

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