Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

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Single Review: The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – ‘Tapdance’

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Pop newbie The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment’s debut record The Fluffer can be seen on the horizon but prior to the record hitting UK stores later this month we are treated to a teaser for the record in the form of lead single Tapdance which saw its release this week.

BlueeyedSharkExperimentBeginning with an eloquent piano intro before breaking into a its upbeat core with some fairly strong Randy Newman similarities, Tapdance is a simple track for the musician who lists The Beatles (who doesn’t these days) and The Guillemots as his main influences.

Tapdance is a track that mixes fluffy piano tinkerings with a catchy chorus, some quirky guitar work and a sturdy production which make the track a fine introduction for the singer. Lay some delicate and relaxed vocals over the top and you have yourself a cracker of a single.

The lyrics in the track are poetic and though the song is aimed at an adult audience with its dated sound, the track also finds a way of sounding reminiscent of a children’s early morning television show.

Inviting its listener to go “tapdancing in the rain”, Tapdance is a sweet and charismatic slice of catchy pop that gives a glimpse into the singers forthcoming full length album which offers eleven tracks of similarly styled pop numbers. A track and album to look out for in the coming weeks.