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Single Review: Ash – ‘Carnal Love’

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In 2009, acclaimed rock band Ash decided release a collection of 26 digital singles, one every fortnight beginning 12th October 2009 and ending 27th September 2010. So far the collection has spawned 7 radio singles, the latest being the current release, Carnal Love, which takes the V spot in the series.

AshCarnalLoveFamous for hits including Burn Baby Burn, the recent Binary and the massive Ivor Novello Award winning anthem, Shining Light, Irish rockers Ash are back with their latest single Carnal Love, a slow jam for the boys who are more known for churning out heavy rock grinders than low tempo smoothies.

Carnal Love is a low key number which sees Ash switch into ballad mode with a thick coating of 1950’s Rock’n’Roll. Tim Wheelers vocals are as strong today as they were in the bands early formation. The classic rock sound that is built around a raw production reminiscent of a garage band demo adds a nice dose of back-to-basics for the band who are no stranger to full scale productions.

The swooping guitar riffs and hook heavy chorus proves to be an unintimidating Ash sing-along showing the band evolving in an ever changing industry.

The chorus is a hook filled chant that pulls the song together along with the bands disposition to create another outstanding piece to the Ash catalogue. Shining Light is the bands most recognizable hit and won the threesome critical acclaim and worldwide recognition and with the drive that has created an incredible A-Z collection of new and fresh sounding releases, the industry is the bands oyster for establishing themselves once again as one of the best indie outfits of the past 20 years.