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Single Review: Tina Arena – ‘You Set Fire To My Life’

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I enjoyed some of the best years of my life in the nineties. In fact,  most of fondest memories are those sitting in my bedroom playing my favorite albums as loud as I could, regardless of my personal taste not exactly being appreciated by many of my peers. I was a pop loving boy, through and through and I was particularly fond of the divas of the day, and still am. One of the artists that gave me genuine appreciation for vocalists was Tina Arena. Her breakthrough album, Don’t Ask was one of the defining records of my teenage years and one that I have played regularly ever since. I mean, that record is just flawless – vocally and musically flawless.

Tina Arena You Set Fire To My LifeAlmost 20 years on and several albums later, Tina is still turning out records of immaculate quality and carrying the flag as one of Australia’s most inspiring and talented musicians. With a new album on the 2013 horizon titled Reset, Tina has unveiled You Set Fire To My Life, the first track from the forthcoming collection.

You Set Fire To My Life is a mid-tempo ballad on a mission to pull at your heartstrings. The track is made up of a gentle and instrumentally minimalistic verse and an upbeat but sentimentally exquisite chorus that does a fantastic job at getting engrained into your head almost instantaneously. All the stops have been pulled out on the singles production too, something that really shines through on most Tina Arena hits and it’s a quality that serves You Set Fire To My Life well, delivering a track that is perfect for high rotational radio-play.

As soon as Tina’s distinctive vocals pour out over the track, a nostalgic warmth washes over you and reminds you just why this diva is one of the best in her game.

3 thoughts on “Single Review: Tina Arena – ‘You Set Fire To My Life’

  1. Brendon,

    I totally agree with you. The song is infectious and has a nice hook to it. Very modern and very likeable. I would say it’s one of those Tina Arena tracks that will last for a very long time given the promotion it deserves. Tina’s voice can never go wrong that’s why she’s a superstar!

    1. Hey Derrick. Totally agree and I’m really glad you like the review. I fell in love with Tina with Don’t Ask and have been waiting for her to pull something else out of the hat to match that record and I am really pleased that this is the track she has returned with. Her voice just gives me chills. Its one of the best in the business without a doubt!

  2. Another timepiece song to add to the Tina empire of songs. This woman deserves to have a ‘This is your life’ done for her. She’s a flawless artist who continues to capture my attention through not only her voice, but lyric ability. ‘You set fire to my life’ makes my heart melt.

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