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EP Review: Bree De Rome – ‘Bag Of Bones’

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Bree De Rome is a lovely Gold Coast girl on the cusp of some much deserved success. Working hard playing gigs and finding a place in our hearts, this cowgirl’s sound is nothing but unforgettable. Her debut EP Bag of Bones is sure to turn heads.

Alright represents the artists individuality very well. It’s the first track on the EP and starts of with an infectious beat and smooth vocals that seamlessly eases us in. Bree De Rome is known for her sugary vocals and this is definitely showcased in this song. Her country persona is present in the mid-western atmosphere that’s set up by the twangy guitar riffs and bouncy bass. And along with her honest, simple lyrics, Alright sets a clear image of the artist.

BreeDeRomeWe get a bit more of Bree De Rome’s sassy, tongue-in-cheek personality in the second track I Expected More. This is not your typical break-up song. While starting off with a regretful undertone, it quickly picks up and turns into a more self-assured and confident piece. The strong beat in the pre-chorus really solidifies the sense of acceptance and motivation to move on. And there is also the sprinkles of piano, xylophone percussion and light synths that give a more hopeful and positive perspective onto the underlying issues in the song.

Bree De Rome is definitely not one to sulk after a break-up, and with songs like Better Luck and There I Go you can see why. These two songs are both optimistic, fun and light-hearted. Better Luck is such an uplifting and motivational song, with a booming chorus and additional brass section that gets you singing along to all the ‘da-da-da-daah’s’. It’s definitely a song I’d like to wake up to. While There I Go has a more youthful glow. The song is reminiscent of high school romances that we have all been through. And the rockabilly sound of the instrumentation of the piece perfectly paints the imagery of dates in old diners and drive-ins.

Bag Of Bones ends the EP, tying it up like a pretty ribbon. The smooth morose atmosphere lingers in your mind hours after you’ve listened to the track. However sullen, the song still contains the sweet, driven qualities of Bree De Rome. Bag Of Bones is a good representation of what the artist is capable of doing as the EP comes to a complete circle and the listener is left knowing that this isn’t just some one-mode artist.

Bree De Rome is a promising young lady that is ready to blow your mind and take over the world with her bold, carefree lyrics. Bag Of Bones is a great example of a debut EP. Country music may not be playing amongst popular circles but after listening to this you’ll definitely get a thirst for the ol’ west.