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Single Review: Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’

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Arcade Fire has come a long way since the release of their first single almost ten years ago. From Montreal indie darlings to one of the most powerful rock bands around today, Arcade Fire has the world in the palm of their hands as we all wait with bated breath for the release of their fourth album Reflektor.

ReflektorOn September 9th, the world let out a collective sigh as the first single from the forthcoming album was officially released. Serving as the title track to the album, Reflektor is unlike anything Arcade Fire has released before, yet is also a culmination of everything fans of the band have come to adore.

Musically, the input of production wizard and former LCD Soundsytem front man James Murphy is clearly evident as he garnishes the track with disco flourishes. But, Arcade Fire, as a collective and cohesive unit, has made this track uniquely theirs by incorporating elements of both world music and traditional Haitian music (multi-instrumentalist Regine Chassagne has Haitian roots). Reflektor builds and builds and then soars as a monumental rock song. I dare you to not dance to it.

Lyrically, Reflektor speaks volumes about the contemplations of identity in a modern society. In fact, it’s a pretty grim song lyrically speaking. The song sheds light on the problematic nature of living life both under a microscope and in the spotlight; something that, by now, Arcade Fire has come to know as a reality.

Hopefully the band isn’t feeling too nostalgic for anonymity though, as with Reflektor served to the world on a platter it looks as though Arcade Fire is only moving forward.