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Single Review: The Wanted – ‘Show Me Love (America)’

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UK boy band The Wanted have shown another side of themselves in their new song Show Me Love (America). The Glad You Came singers have produced a classic ‘boy-band ballad’ about a failed relationship, singing “I could have shown you America/All the bright lights in the Universe….All you had to do was show me love”. The video is shot in black and white and shows the boys singing while rain pours down on them, interspersed with footage of a couple arguing.

The Wanted - Show Me Love AmericaThe video may be cheesy but the song is an impressive change of direction for the band. It shows off the vocal talents of the boys, who are backed up by an orchestra as they sing the emotion-filled ballad.

The song is a slower and more emotional one than we’ve previously heard from them but they manage to pull it off. Somehow they have taken the catchiness of their pop hits and inserted it into the powerful ballad, resulting in what is sure to be another success for the quintet.

Show Me Love (America) is the fifth single from their new album Word Of Mouth, to be released in early November.

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