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Single Review: Disclosure – ‘Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)’

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Whoever thought up the collaboration between Disclosure and London Grammar is a genius, because they might actually be the perfect partnership of modern day British music. On the fifth single from Disclosure’s debut album, Help Me Lose My Mind, Hannah Reid’s (of London Grammar) signature vocals soar over Disclosure’s hypnotic beats, making it one of those wonderful EDM tracks you can just lose yourself in.

DisclosureHelpMeLoseHelp Me Lose My Mind is disco, electronic, soul and pop all in one, with lush, ethereal dance beats skimming under London Grammar’s powerful and soaring music. The track spins you around but without dizzying you up; it’s chilled out but makes you want to dance at the same time.

The video clip was released recently, for all of a few hours before executives at PRM records pulled the video amid complaints it glorified drug use. The video, however, I think is a perfect example of how the song makes you feel. Though it doesn’t actually show any drug use, it looks like a bunch of kids getting their fix in a club, whilst in love. In the clips defence, Guy Lawrence of Disclosure says, “The video kind of created a sense of euphoria, and people were having a good time, connecting and going to a club,” but with the track being called Help Me Lose My Mind, do you really believe that no drugs were involved? Whichever way you look at it though, it does give you that sense of euphoria, of having fun and loving the people you’re with. Disclosure and London Grammar can do no wrong.