Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

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Single Review: One Direction – ‘Drag Me Down’

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UK pop sensation One Direction are back, not that they ever really left the limelight. It’s been a big few months for the group with the success of their fourth album Four released last November and Zayn Malik leaving, but it’s on to bigger and better things. 1D surprised fans and the world with the unexpected release of their new single Drag Me Down. On its first day it had hit number one in 82 countries minus all of the press coverage, radio and gimmicks; it has possibly become their biggest global success so far, averaging 22,000 tweets per minute and sending adoring fans into overdrive. Once again the group caused a fuss, let’s hear why.

One Direction - Drag Me DownInstead of a predictably bright guitar-riffed intro, a synth section briefly leads Drag Me Down before it makes way for the snappy bass line and dramatic melody; then as a surprise, a reggae influenced riff appears to mark a new direction for the group. It’s not long before the overused sound of handclaps can be heard, but they soon give way to an explosive chorus and as expected you find yourself humming along. Lyrically the song is lacking, but that’s due to both verses consisting of the same lyrics, it’s forgivable but even changing lead singers didn’t completely redeem it.

One Direction’s sound has seemingly begun to evolve, fans may not have been expecting that slight change in their famously catchy catalogue. Drag Me Down is lyrically and melodically repetitive, but that’s the formula that sell for 1D so in that respect they’re on the right path, but the overall sound of the track is new with the reggae riff catching you off guard and the more mature feel of the song. Not a bad effort from the boys at all, we’re certain you won’t be able to avoid hearing it over the next few weeks.