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Single Review: Matt Cardle feat. Melanie C – ‘Loving You’

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Although Southampton native Matt Cardle is relatively new to the music industry (Having released his debut album Letters in 2011), he has already left quite a mark, and shows no signs of stopping. The X-Factor winner has released a new single, titled “Loving You” which features none other than Melanie Chisholm, otherwise known as “Sporty Spice” of Spice Girls fame.

MattCardleLovingYouThe track begins with a thumping, underlying beat, and Cardle’s cooing vocals delivering very sensual lyrics: “Leave your door open, I want to come over, the night is only young. I want to get under your body, take you over, come undone.” This would be an overtly sexually themed tune if not for Cardle’s flightly and incredible singing range, which in turn takes lyrics that would normally be associated with the vulgar, and instead, has the effect of making the sentiments being expressed seem more genuine. This seems even more apparent in the next few lines: “Why do we only give it up in the dark?” denotes that, although these two lovers have an incredible urge to be with one another, when it comes to bridging the divide between physical and emotional intimacy, they have yet to cross said bridge. It’s represents the struggle of many new-found couples: can the passion they share lead to something more, given time, or will it continue to reside within dark bedrooms, behind closed doors.

In this case, however, it’s clear from the duet that both parties want to move on to the next step: “I can’t help thinking, it’s not enough for this heart”. The song matures a great deal from its opening lyrics, and shows a good amount of soul. Sonically speaking, Melanie C’s vocals blend perfectly with Cardle’s ethereal warbling. All things considered, Loving You is a wholesome track, equal parts passion and clever songwriting.

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3 thoughts on “Single Review: Matt Cardle feat. Melanie C – ‘Loving You’

  1. Thank you for your review. It’s an excellent read. Very refreshing indeed to read a review that actually delivers a review of the song and the music. It is a good solid song and is better than what’s kicking around out there today. Well done!

  2. A great review thanks. Nice to hear from someone who is reviewing the song and has obviously listened to it. I agree Matt & Mel’s voices blend really well together, it’s a very catchy song but it goes much deeper and has far more substance than most of the ‘pop’ around today. Hope it does well for them.

  3. Have read so many positive reviews on this collaboration. This song has all the elements to be massive. Great lyrics and vocals from two amazing artists who sound so so good together. I cannot wait for its release and even more so for Matts new album in October.

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