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Single Review: Boyzone – ‘Love Will Save The Day’

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Has it really been 20 years?  That’s the amount of time since Boyzone first graced our ears and screens as young rapscallions making many a heart skip a beat and many a young lady swoon as they sang and danced their way up the charts.  With huge hits such as Words and No Matter What, Boyzone were one of the biggest boy bands of the 90’s, and have been through the usual highs, lows and splits of any group that is still around and remembered 20 years later.

Boyzone - Love Will Save The DayBut having reformed, and with a new album coming out aptly titled BZ20, is the first single from the album any good?  Love Will Save The Day is that single and I’m pleased to say it’s pretty decent.  Before this it felt as though Boyzone, in their twilight years, had gotten themselves into a bit of a rut, releasing just the usual pop ballads and nothing as catchy as their earlier classics.  The single starts off with guitar and piano, with an almost country feel about it, Ronan taking lead and his vocals as good as 20 years ago. In an almost nostalgic view, Ronan sings ‘pass around the bottle, and we’ll share our troubles’, the track mostly talking about love. But if you delve deeper the lyrics could easily be about their two decade spanning career and everything they’ve been through, including the untimely death of band member Stephen Gately.

The chorus then fills the room in typical hard hitting Boyzone fashion, sounding like a mix between the band Fun and singer/songwriter Mika.  This isn’t a bad thing as it’s extremely catchy, but sometimes you can’t help feeling the boys should have had this change in direction a few years ago and it may have worked better.

The main thing is the boys seem happy and have released another great song to add to their collection.  Reflecting on what they’ve done and what’s ahead of them, they should be proud of what has been achieved.  Love Will Save The Day is a great start to a hopefully great album.

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