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Single Review: Seether – ‘Country Song’

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Seether hail from the South African city of Pretoria and have been around for over 12 years, becoming increasingly popular in their native South Africa while slowly but surely spreading their grunge-metal coated limbs to all corners of the globe to become the internationally recognized force that we know and love today.

Seether Country Song Single 2011Now six albums into their career Seether are preparing for the UK release of their latest single, Country Song.

The track starts off sounding more like what the title gives away than what we have become accustomed to with Seether releases with lead vocalist Shaun Morgan wrapping his chops around a rockabilly driven opening before he begins to belt out a powerful bridge while a structure of intricate guitar-work and an impressive, multi-genre coated chorus slips in underneath. Several mood changes are heard throughout Country Song with the chorus taking on a more ‘rough around the edges’ feel.

The bands latest album Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray was recorded over several months in Nashville so there is no wonder why the band have taken on the obvious country influenced approach to this latest track and it does so with some truly spectacular results.