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Single Review: Sinead O’Connor – ‘The Wolf Is Getting Married’

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Irish music icon Sinead O’Connor returns to the spotlight next month with the release of a brand new album titled, How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?, her first studio release since 2007’s, Theology. From the new record the singer-songwriter is releasing the first and lead single which is a promising number that showcases one of Ireland’s finest musical exports.

SineadOconnorTheWolfThe Wolf Is Getting Married is a beautifully composed comeback single for O’Connor which slots in nicely to the singers extensive 9 album, 25 year career. The guitar work that carries the number is draped perfectly around O’Connor’s vibrant and articulated, accented vocals, particularly within the infectious chorus that carries one of the most memorable melodies of any O’Connor release.

With the singers distinctive vocals, The Wolf Is Getting Married is soaked in nostalgia from the first note, bringing back memories for anyone around in the days of Nothing Compares To U and No Man’s Woman. Belting out some beautiful notes while a driving guitar led musical structure helps O’Connor find a place in our hearts once again, we think The Wolf Is Getting Married is one  of the best releases of O’Connor’s career to date.

Sinead O’Connor may continue to live a publicly turbulent life however, musically, she hasn’t lost an ounce of the talent that made the star such a force of artistic brilliance in her hey-day and we here at Renowned For Sound continue to smile from ear to ear knowing that the singer has returned, and returned to form.

At times O’Connor’s behavior seems to get in the way of the talent behind the name and I think it’s a real shame because it causes us to lose sight in what an artist like Sinead O’Connor is really about and what a musician like her offers us musically and we hope that with the release of her new album and the incredible The Wolf Is Getting Married that shadow will finally be lifted.