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Single Review: Jodie Marie – ‘I Got You’

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Welsh songbird Jodie Marie has certainly made a fine start to a career in music and it is set to continue throughout 2012 as the singer this week lets loose her brand new single in the sweet form of I Got You.

JodieMarieIGotyouWhile the critically acclaimed debut single effort, On The Road, got critics and music lovers alike talking, the singer has also recently ended a national support slot with pop heavyweight Will Young helping solidify her name within the countries emerging musical talents.

With a strong country inspired coating, I Got You is a powerful release for Marie as it enlists a well orchestrated backing while her vocals tear through a track that merges country and blues with today’s pop hit qualities.

The track begins gently with Marie’s syrupy vocals ushering us into an easy, flowing number that quickly picks up and is full swing by time the chorus kicks in. The singers confident vocals resonate confidently throughout I Got You while the lyrics optimistically tell of the songstress having her Mr Right by her side as she declares “no matter where you are, when I come home I got you”.

I Got You is a great track to start the year off for Jodie Marie.