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Ones to Watch: Sun Circus

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Location: Camberley, UK

Genre: Indie

Indie newcomers Sun Circus release new single ‘We Went to War’ on 11 March. Sun Circus seem somewhat familiar on the surface. Four white boys. Guitars. However there’s an impressive level of diversity being shown by this group. In its execution, ‘We Went to War’ feels like a Black Keys highlight track, and is a much grittier departure from previous debut single ‘Got That Feeling’. A healthy swagger to ‘We Went to War’s verses gets heads shaking, grabbing the listener’s interest and managing to keep it. There’s just something inherently likeable here, often recalling moments of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Do I Wanna Know’ with the non-chalant attitude of the vocals.

[youtube id=”YkH-Bp9gG5M” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Style-wise there is a drop for the chorus, before a blast of energised guitars that draw from sources like Brighton-duo Royal Blood or even Muse. There really are a number of parents on this young band’s birth certificate. Mid-way through, things suddenly shift gear. Bassist Sammy spits out a blues lick that delivers a real throbbing pulse, and the tight-knit relationship with the breakbeat-heavy drumming leads to a slow, gradual ascent and an explosive ending. The result is a real pleasure, and a muscular expansion on their indie-pop debut last year.

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