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Ones To Watch: Sex Helicopter

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Location: Los Angelea (U.S.A)

Genre: Psychedelic Pop

Members: Jeremy McLennan, Cary Singer, John Rockwell, Marcus Högsta, Mac Sinise

Sex Helicopter is a mode of transportation, but not of the body as its name suggests. Its rotors whir in time with the beating heart of Gaia on early November dawns: a mating call to the plasma in the blood, that it may ascend and realize its potential as the stuff of stars. If you wish to be transported, do not expect to be moved from your seat (unless you got your dancing shoes), but be warned that the no-man’s land between mind and body may grow sunflowers of Seussian proportions by the time you’re through.

Led by singer/guitarist Jeremy McLennan, Sex Helicopter began in 2012 but has since seen evolutions in both personnel and style. The act’s retro influences were unmistakable, featuring early recordings reminiscent of greats such as Big Star and The Band. The band took its current form in 2013 when synth mastermind Cary Singer and guitarist John Rockwell joined the rhythm section of Mac Sinise on drums and bassist Marcus Hogsta, whose furious pulse makes the hairs on tigers’ necks stand on end. Increasingly inspired by more experimental offerings from artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Tame Impala and Brian Eno, Sex Helicopter’s psych-pop palette is finally primed for its debut with Great EP, the group’s formal introduction.

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Listen To Sex Helicopter’s Great EP below: