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Ones To Watch: Moi Saint

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Photo: Syndicol Music

Location: Liverpool, UK

Members: Aisa Saint

Genre: Electro

Moi saint creates a landscape of synthetic sound, turning emotion into the shape of melody. Based in Liverpool and influenced by the pioneers of old electronica and modern industrial, Moi saint is creating something new and exciting for the scene and will be taking her vision to the live stage this year.

With her debut EP ‘The New Moon’ already making a stir in the electronic scene and forging several collaborations and remixes, her follow up ‘The Blood Moon’ and first label release is set to expand her horizons even further. In contrast to her first release, The Blood Moon is a record created in fire and passion. Mixing strong and powerfully delivered vocals and venturing into new heavier musical territory, bringing together doom, trip hop and electronica. The lyrics crafted like poetry and sung like spells.

Keep up to date and connect with Moi Saint using the following links:

Facebook: Moi Saint

Soundcloud: Moi Saint