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Ones To Watch: Liz Asaro

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photo: Fifth Element PR

Location: Manhattan, New York

Genre: Pop/Rock

Hailing from the streets of Manhattan, music was never a career that Liz Asaro imagined for herself. However, those around her realised that her powerful vocals and the emotional content of her music had to be shared with the world. And so ‘Take Me Home’ was born, a dreamy pop rock track with electro synth vibes.

Written about a friend that passed away very suddenly, it is impossible not to feel touched by the lyrics of the track as well as the highly emotive vocals. It is a song about being lost, and about losing your way. It is about finding a way home, when you thought you would never get there. ‘Better take that chance // and don’t let go, catch me if you can’, it is about learning that you can carry on.

The track starts very strongly with a punchy drum beat and repeating guitar riff before Liz Asaro’s powerful and commanding vocals arrive. This rocky introduction is an artistic decision that puts her vocals right where they should be: centre stage. She traverses the octaves with ease, imbuing each phrase with meaning and power. She has an incredible tone, and links the sections together in a way that can only be described as fluid and natural.

The guitar then builds up slowly until the track reaches its climax, the strong and daring chorus. It is a song whose sentiment can be felt as much as it can be heard, the musicality of the track mimics the emotion and defiance of the lyricism perfectly to create a really wonderful track.

Liz Asaro’s Irish roots can be heard throughout the single, giving the track a subtle yet intriguing Gaelic feel. She has never wanted to be defined by a particular genre, and has said herself that blues, electronica and metal have all influenced her.

For Asaro, the important thing is how a song makes you feel, the emotions that it brings to the surface, and the experience of listening. She say that: ‘I know how I feel when I hear a song, especially a song that really moves you’, and she wanted to replicate this for the people listening to her tracks.

With her unique sound, and incredible voice Asaro is the fresh new artist that the industry has been looking for. Her song writing process, and beautiful vocals inject life and energy into her music, and she is now ready to go stratospheric with ‘Take Me Home’ being released on the 16th of April.

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