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Ones To Watch: Elysian Divide

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Photo: Syndicol Music

Location: London, UK

Members: Atashi Tada – Vocals, Jon Sick – Guitar, Leigh D Prout – Drums & Rui Buiça – Bass

Genre: Metal

Elysian (adj): Relating to the feeling of paradise, bliss or delight

Divide (noun): A division, separation or divergence

A world coming down from the incursion of nu metal, juxtaposed with the pop-friendly feel-good factor of cliché pop bands with heavy downtuned guitars is where female fronted Elysian Divide draws a line in the sand. While everything that was original is celebrated with come-back tours of our ancient metal ancestors, Elysian Divide seeks to redress the balance and do something a little more unique.

Drawing on a range of divergent influences from Slipknot to Belphegor, from Evergrey to Delain, our sound aims to create something new and beautiful yet retains the angst against a world beset by the banal and ludicrous. Somewhere between heaven and hell is where you will find Elysian Divide.

Formed early 2016, our songs have been painstakingly honed to accomplish our mission. Armed with our individuality and musical influences, we have come together to merge our creativity into the sonic landscape you hear before you.

Photo: Syndicol Music

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