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Ones To Watch: ATLE

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Location: Norway

Genre: Pop/RnB

In Scandinavia, singer ATLE is very much the it-guy; he’s a model, beloved television personality, and music sensation. With all these attributes, you could say he possesses the complete pop star tool kit – charisma, smouldering looks and, of course, the voice. But make no mistake, the artistry of his music is his true calling. His velvety vocals and cutting edge R&B ensures no one will think he should have stuck with his day jobs. He’s now ready to seduce the UK with his excellent new single, ‘Ready To Love’, dropping July 1st 2016.

“I’ve wanted to bring my music to the UK since I was a kid,” ATLE says. “Now it feels like it’s my time. I’m ready.”

A life dedicated to music was certain for ATLE. As early as age four he started singing, and he told his family he was going to move to Oslo to become a rock star. By six, he started playing piano; and by 11, he was a budding songwriter. As a teen, he was obsessed with American hard rock and metal and, eventually, coerced his friends into forming a metal band that ended up getting signed. Time went on, and the thrill of harder and faster began to wane for everyone involved in the metal band. ATLE became passionate about finely crafted pop. In 2010, he channeled his newfound obsession into competing in the Norwegian version of The X Factor. He came in the runner up on the program, but earned something far more valuable from the opportunity: superstardom.

“I was just a regular guy before the show trying to be a professional musician. Suddenly, the show brought on this huge change. Newspapers started covering me, and people started yelling my name in the streets,” ATLE recalls, incredulously. “It was madness, and a lot of fun.”

While this led to plenty of prestigious modelling and television hosting, ATLE’s drive to succeed in the music industry was undiminished. He began touring and enjoyed huge chart success as a solo artist, and also formed award winning rock band The Sheen with friends from his old metal band.

It was while in Los Angeles, collaborating with producers that he realised writing modern, infectious R&B was his destiny. He discovered his natural affinity for stirring falsetto vocals and at last, a sound that matched his leading man persona. During this time, ATLE wrote almost 40 songs in a huge bout of creative productivity. ‘Ready To Love’ was hand picked as the song to signal his intent to the United Kingdom. The song’s irresistible pop hooks, sensual vocals, club beat and R&B sophistication make it a sure-fire hit. Ready To Love’s music video sees ATLE winning hearts and minds with his undeniable charisma, brilliant cinematography and choreography, and not to mention a very sharp suit.

ATLE is both eager and excited to finally bring this music to the UK. He very much hopes to form a lasting bond with audiences this side of the North Sea:

“I never imagined my music would go in this R&B direction—it takes time to find yourself as an artist – but it all feels so right. Now, I’m where I want to be. I’m ready to put my whole heart into it.”

ATLE ‘Ready To Love’ is out now!

[youtube id=”n9rFzYD6Lz8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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