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Single Review: Macy Gray – ‘Lately’

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Macy Gray is back this month with new album The Sellout which sees the raspy voiced singer in top form with her best release since the nineties days of her critically acclaimed debut On How Life Is.

MacyGrayLatelyFollowing acoustic first single Beauty in the World, Macy offers single number two Lately which has success stamped all over it.

It’s an up tempo track with a smooth disco feel but primarily a Pop/R&B number and in my opinion is her best track since 2001’s Sexual Revolution.

The singer explores the story of loosing someone and not only triumphing but also justifying the reigniting of the relationship because of her public affection.

Lately is a catchy single for the singer who hasn’t really had much in the way of quality work out since 2001’s The Id. She has released two records since The Id, neither receiving much attention but Lately is the perfect example of why Macy Gray will be back at the top perch that seen her sitting after the release of her debut.

Lately is a brilliant feel good track in time for the sunny skies of summer from 2010’s album to own.