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Single Review: Klaxons – ‘Echoes’

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After an almost three year hiatus from the public eye, the UK’s favorite sons of alternative rock, Klaxons, are back this month with the release of their first record since 2007’s debut Myths of the Near Future.

KlaxonsEchoesThe bands debut record, which spawned the hit singles Magick, Golden Skans and It’s Not Over Yet, won the band critical acclaim, a cult fan base and numerous accolades including the prestigious Mercury Prize.

Now in 2010 the band are about to release their second effort and one of the years most anticipated releases titled Surfing The Void. Before the record however we are given a teaser with the release of the albums first single Echoes.

When getting a copy of the single I had sort of geared myself up to instantly disliking what I was about to hear. Admittedly I have never been a Klaxons fan and although I can still declare that they are not my thing, I have to also admit that Echoes is a really good single for the band.

What I didn’t expect is a single full of revved up and melodic chorus lines, an almost cinematic landscape of synth fulled verses and an infectious bridge that makes for a truly prevailing single for the London based band.

The vocals on the track are also something worth a significant mention. Whilst almost breathy throughout the track, it’s front man Jamie Reynolds’ voice that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s on Echoes. His voice borders on being forceful yet holds back from transforming the track into what could be a more hardcore rock single for the band, something that would have made this song go in a completely different direction.

Going by Echoes, Klaxons are set to deliver yet another fantastic record that will no doubt promise a lashing of success experienced with their debut.