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Single Review: Laura Steel – ‘Feedback’

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With an abundance of electrically charged pop divas on the scene over the last twelve months you would think the world would have had its fill of bubblegum pop and electro-pop princesses.

LauraSteelFeedbackThankfully that’s not the case because if it was the world would be missing out on pop’s latest songbird.

With an album due in the coming months, Northern lass Laura Steel is a fresh hit of electro-pop goodness which is heard with the release of her debut single, Feedback.

A fun and optimistically vibrant single for the pink haired and colorful fashionista, Feedback is a track that has been described as an ideal antidote to the current crop of dreary and soulless manufactured fly-by-nights.

Not only is the single an infectious pop stomper but it’s a single that shows off Steel’s talents not only as a confident entertainer and vocalist but also as an accomplished songwriter with Feedback being a track written and composed by the lady herself. The song is gaining extensive radio airplay and the singer has recently been seen performing the single at London’s Wireless Festival alongside the likes of Lily Allen and Jay-Z.

Feedback is a perfect summer hit for the charismatic singer from Sheffield and a warm welcoming for the album due to be a prominent 2010 release for the latest dynamic pop centrepiece.