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Interview: B*Witched

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Throughout the 90’s pop acts reigned supreme with the likes of the Spice Girls, 5ive and All Saints helping propel the British music industry through a very fruitful decade of hits. B*witched found themselves at the centre of the pop boom following the release of their debut self-titled album which spawned 4 consecutive number 1 singles; C’est la Vie, Rollercoaster, To You I Belong and Blame It on the Weatherman.

After 5 years of hits and 3 million album sales to their name, B*witched called it a day in 2002 but that wasn’t the last we were to hear from the denim-donning four-piece as the group joined fellow pop acts 5ive, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, Blue, 911 and Honeyz for the hugely successful 2013 reality show, The Big Reunion.

With a brand new Christmas single about to hit the shelves, we caught up with B*witched band member Keavy Lynch to talk about the girl groups 90’s hey day, the brand new Big Reunion Christmas single and their experiences from the successful reality show. Here is what she had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: How are you doing today and wherein the world does our interview find you?

Keavy Lynch: Hello. I am in London today and I am getting ready to fly to Ireland to do the Childline Concert.

BV: You have joined forces with your fellow Big Reunion bands to record and release a cover of Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday as a Christmas charity single on December 15th. Can you tell us about why this track was chosen and what the release of the single is in aid of?

KL: To be in studio with all the Big Reunion family was surreal but fun! Back in the day we would have been each others competition and now we are in it together. To put our music talents together for Text Santa and raise well deserved funds for so many great charities is an honour. The song is iconic and great Christmas cheer!

BV: Were there any other Christmas single titles that made the short list before I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday was ultimately chosen or were there any favourites on your wish list to cover?

KL: For the Christmas Tour, all the bands will be doing a Christmas song. I am not sure if I am able to say which one so I better keep it zipped just in case.

BV: Life has changed a lot for everyone taking part in the Big Reunion since the nineties. How have you adapted to being back in the group now that it has been almost a year since you reformed for the show?

KL: I went through a lot in the years following the break up of B*Witched but have faced all my demons. It left me room to really enjoy this Big Reunion journey with my girls. It has been amazing to have this opportunity again. I am very grateful to all our fans for embracing it too.

BV: How have you coped with the dance moves after so many years – were you rusty or did you fall straight back into it with ease?

KL: Surprisingly I was ok. I had to work at it harder to keep up the energy but all around ok!

[youtube id=”UvjLgjtJKsc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: What has been the most rewarding experience about being back together after so many years?

KL: Forming a tight bond with all the girls again. We have been through a lot in life together and have been so separate for years now so it is nice to spend lots of time together again.

BV: Did you ever expect the show and each of the bands would attract so much attention and find this level of success after so many years away from the spotlight?

KL: I thought the show would do well but I wasn’t expecting 2 million viewers a week and the Arena tour was mind blowing.

BV: What would you say the biggest apprehension was for B*witched in terms of going through this experience and reuniting for The Big Reunion?

KL: I think it was wondering how were we going to work as a unit again after such a long time. But we worked it out.

BV: What are the biggest differences you have noticed this time around compared to your previous time in the spotlight back in the nineties? What’s changed the most?

KL: The industry has changed so much. Our first album was released on tape, how old does that make me sound ahhhh! Social media wasn’t around in our day so that is a big difference too.

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BV: In the series The Big Reunion on tour, there was a conversation about a few of the bands not wanting to release anything and doing the show was purely for the experience and nostalgia. Do you see a future for B*witched and if so, what can fans look forward to?

KL: In the beginning of this journey we couldn’t see past the show but now we are really enjoying what we have together again so yes we will be recording more new music.

BV: What would you say you miss the most about the old days?

KL: I miss touring the USA. You get to be on stage so much as the country is so big. We toured for 3 months at a time there.

BV: What changes have you each had to make in order for this to work this time around?

KL: The girls have been amazing working and adapting around me and my college work. I have been studying all through the journey and still am now. I am so grateful to them all for that.

BV: Do you all think you achieved what you wanted to by taking part in the Big Reunion and do you feel closure on the past and the circumstances behind the bands disbandment?

KL: I think we achieved more the we expected. And yes I would say it has helped for closure of old wounds so that we can enjoy new experiences.

[youtube id=”LEsALGZz9qk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Of the other bands involved in the Reunion show, who would you say you gelled with the most?

KL: We knew 911 and The Honeyz well from last time so that was nice but everyone got on better than expected.

BV: What was it like to be back on stage performing to fans who have waited for so many years to see you back together again?

KL: It was an amazing gift to be able to have again and to give again.

BV: Going back to the Christmas single, is there any pressure on the collective to make it to the number one spot or are you going to be happy with whatever happens?

KL: It of course would be amazing to have a NO: 1 and we will do our best but as long as it helps the charities we are raising funds for then I would be happy.

BV: If the single does hit the number one spot, what do you think you will do to celebrate?

KL: Drink and dance hahaha!

BV: The Big Reunion won the Most Inspiring TV Show of 2013 Award at this year’s National Reality Television Awards. How does it feel to be a part of something that has inspired so many people?

KL: I have to say that award was unexpected and it was touching to receive it. I can’t speak for everyone but I am grateful that by telling my story I reached out to people. That makes the hard times worth it.

BV: You joined the other bands – 5ive, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, 911, Honeyz – again this month for the Christmas Party tour. Will there be a television special being made to follow the tour?

KL: There will not be a TV special but the tour was great Christmas fun and now it’s time to hand the Big Reunion baton over to the new bands. That will be strange.

BV: What have B*Witched got planned for the festival period. Any big celebratory plans or will it be kept low-key after having such a hectic year or television, recording and touring?

KL: We will go out and have a blast on tour and then spend Christmas with our families.

BV: Thanks for your time and good luck with the single Keavy.