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Single Review: Nelly – ‘All Around The World’

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Remember Nelly? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Charts all over the globe in the early 2000s were full of his various R&B and Hip-Hop tinged songs like Hot In Here and Ride Wit Me that continue to dominate popular radio station playlists today.

The point however is his absence from the charts since those days has been felt with most recent album M.O. failing to really hit the mark. The third single All Around The World is however perhaps one of the more enjoyable songs of his recent repertoire.

Nelly All Around The WorldThe song is probably best described as a summer stomper, the kind of song you can imagine would have a backdrop of sunny climates, cars with the top down and everyone in sandals and shades. Its for this reason that it feels so strange to have the song released in, what is for most of the world, winter.

“I’ve seen a million different faces, still ain’t found one like yours” sings Nelly on one of his more sweet songs to date (no mention of wanting to take clothes off at least) as Trey Songz backs him up on the catchy chorus.

One to dig out your deckchair and chill in the sun to, All Around The World is a catchy, fun pop song to say the least, but unless you’re living down under you probably wont feel the need to listen to it at this time of year.