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Film Review – Philomena

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Based on a true story, a snobbish political journalist, played by Steve Coogan, becomes intrigued by a story of an elderly lady by the name of Philomena (Judie Dench), who is searching for her missing son who was taken away from her almost 50 years ago.

Spanning over the bleak and rainy drenched countryside of England, to the leafy oranges of Washington D.C, Philomena sets the stage of an enthralling and emotional story of one woman’s determination to find her missing son and discover the truth to what happened to him.

Philomena is a gem of cinema comedy and drama, having the ability to lighten your spirits but also cause an aching throb in your heart. A perfectly orchestrated balance of tongue in cheek humour and emotional heaviness, the effortless pace that unravels the story is captivating and every bit as involving.


Judie Dench is an actor unparalleled in cinema today. Her dedication to her character Philomena is inspiring, showing great strength in not only her charming quality comedically but her determination in her dramatic involvement in the plight her character is facing. Her portrayal is sweet and tragic, hitting every high and low with bittersweet conviction.

What elevates Philomena higher is the relationship between Judie Dench’s character and Steve Coogan’s. As the story unfolds their at times bipolar friendship is a constant pleasure to watch, but also an emotional struggle as motives and agendas intertwine and their search for the truth is at stake as their relationship grows.

Philomena entraps you with its story, its characters and its powerful emotional centre, expertly led by Judie Dench. Not only a rousing comedy, Philomena is a heart felt tale of injustice, of longing and one woman’s search for the truth.

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