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Album Review: Giulia – Raze Me To The Ground

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Italian singer Giulia is set to take the world by storm, not only is her debut album Raze Me To The Ground due to be released, but her fashion line in partnership with Anna Sammarone has been a hit in the US; fashionably and musically we have a star in our midst. Here on Renowned For Sound we recently featured the rising starlet in our Ones To Watch section, Giulia also supported pop superstar Anastacia at The 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, so we’re not the only ones to have eyes for her. Raze Me To The Ground should be what it takes to kickstart Giulia’s promising career.

Raze Me To The GroundLead single Turn Your Light On has an electrifying atmosphere, the wall of power pop creates a strong ambience consisting of strong vocals and a purpose for every sound, in contrast Road Trip is introduced by an almost country sound before giving way to the beat and explosive chorus; it’s becoming clear why Giulia would be selected to support somebody as huge as Anastacia. Radio Junkie is possibly the catchiest track on the album, sure to be played again and again on the radio if it were to be released, would be perfect for the soundtrack of a light hearted movie; the earthy guitar opens up the edgy Love, Love, Love with attitude, Giulia transitions from airy pop to gruff rock with ease. Title track Raze Me To The Ground has this sound that draws your attention to the deep concept of heartbreak, which was expressed flawlessly with Giulia’s emotional vocals.

Nebraska is sickly sweet, in a good way though, it’s slow but it still has a full pop sound to keep you hooked; there’s a darkness in the verse of The Aftertaste, but the chorus is uplifting and brings the track to a brighter place. Back To You keeps the album consistent with its big pop sound, it’s another catchy number that gets stuck in your head, the same can be said for the energetic Another Thing ComingStardust is a different kettle of fish, it has a different soundscape that stands out from the rest of the album, the sound of water droplets and overall feel of a ballad is refreshing; Tragically Attracted returns to the ‘in your face’ pop this album is defined by, the vocals are commendable and once again we have another catchy track on our hands. Weight Of The World brings the album to an in depth end, there is so much emotion expressed instrumentally and vocally in this number.

Rather than razing Giulia to the ground, we should be raising her above the clouds; she is a talent you can not and will not deny, she’s got the voice to win you over. Raze Me To The Ground is an interesting debut, it’s a generous mix of experimental/electro pop that intrigues the senses and you find yourself paying attention to every little detail, which can often be very hard to expect of your audience. For those just waking up to Giulia’s talent, you need to pursue this girl, she is going somewhere.