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Single Review: Talk in Colour – Rushes EP

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The latest EP Rushes from London-based group Talk in Colour shows remarkable talent and promise for the future of this fresh sounding quintet. Citing influence from The xx and genres such as early House and Hip-Hop, and folktronica, Talk in Colour produce a sound which is not easily pinned down to a definitive description, though the self-described ‘cinematic future-pop’ is a pretty accurate attempt. The 3-track EP shows hints of electronica, indie, pop and jazz  to name a few, though it would be naïve to single any of those out as the band’s sole genre.

TalkInColorRushesThe EP impressively blends a large instrumental arrangement with flawless and ethereal vocal work to create a striking, undeniably unique sound. The effortless blend of instruments and vocals ensure that no song sounds too busy or overworked despite how much is going on in each track.

Rushes begins with Rolling, a dreamy, catchy tune with a subtle yet gripping instrumental intro building up to the introduction of Mary Erskine’s clean, romantic vocals to set the tone for the EP. Erskine’s vocal performance on Rushes features a floaty sound which is grounded by an instrumentally driven background throughout the EP.

The first single from the EP, Candles, is up next and shows off an understated brilliance, beginning with a soft, harp-led intro before transforming to produce a darker sounding vibe than Rolling with a steady bass line and powerful vocal performance. Displaying the strongest performance from each of the band members, Candles is undoubtedly the highlight of the EP and it’s easy to see why it was chosen as the lead single.

The EP closes with The Cell, a mellow arrangement of electronic and instrumental sounds working softly against the beautiful vocal performance of Ms Erskine. This one is slow and soft which builds and lifts in the chorus to finish the EP leaving you wanting more.

Rushes is a cinematic display of seamlessly woven instruments, electronic beats and vocals falling just shy of fifteen minutes. Overall, Rushes is smooth, eerie, dreamy and a pleasure to listen to.

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