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Single Review: Lewis Watson – Four More Songs EP

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Over the last couple of years, ascending singer-songwriter Lewis Watson has delivered a series of EP’s that have kept the music world on the edge of its seat. Though those previous efforts haven’t quite opened the door to the mainstream for Lewis, the musicians latest extended play, the appropriately titled Four More Songs, is surely the release to give the singers star a much more dramatic glow.

LewisWatsonFourMoreSongsCalling begins with a playful piano dance before Lewis enters the track with his pitch-perfect and  calming vocals; gentle guitar strum finding a comfortable spot within the tracks semi-Ed Sheeran style instrumentation. The track is a gorgeous opener for the EP, carrying a memorable melody that is ideal for the radio-play that the track has recently been given, carrying the title of lead single for the EP. While it boasts a commercial feel and a sweet arrangement of piano and guitar, the tracks raw undercoat is what’s so appealing about this song as it forms the perfect soundscape for the musician’s skilled songsmith talents to bloom.

Taking the tempo down a few notches, Lewis offers the sentimental Songs That We Wrote When We Were Drunk, a syrupy love letter drenched with honest and passionate lyrics and a glockenspiel that compliments the tracks verses.

Our favorite on Four More Songs comes together on Close. This one has a familiar feel to it and is quite reminiscent of fellow Brit singer-songwriter, Newton Faulkner. From the first time this track emerged through our iPod headphones we were hooked. The musician’s vocals have an intensely engaging quality to them that makes you hang on every word that he touches so sublimely on while his ability to string together a story is something to be admired. Like the opening number, this track has radio-play written all over it and would serve Lewis well as a future single.

The closing number, Made Up Love Song #43, is a contrasting addition to the EP with an eerie intro to Lewis’ cover of the Guillemots’ fan favorite. While covers can be dangerous ground to most, Lewis pulls this one out of the bag and ties his new EP up nicely with this well-constructed and delicate rendition of the indie collective’s 2007 classic.

As far as singer-songwriters go, there is a reason why this musician has been a hot topic over the past few months. The EP he has presented to us is a fine example of what this lad is capable of. It’s a fresh, captivating and intelligent release from one of the UK’s finest new musicians.

Watch out Ed Sheeran – Lewis Watson is right behind you and picking up speed.

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