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Single Review: V V Brown – ‘Samson’

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V V Brown had the world in the palm of her hands a couple of years back with a series of successful single releases that followed the multi-talented musicians pop drenched signature smash, Shark In The Water.

VVBrownSamsonShark In The Water launched the star into the spotlight and even did a fair run within the U.S charts, gaining her a large American following in the process. Following the release of her debut album Travelling Like The Light, the singer took a slight side-step from the music scene and although she has released a couple of tracks over the past couple of years, the glow in her star failed to burn as brightly as when she first exploded onto the scene with ‘that’ hit.

The past month has seen V V dive back into live performances throughout the UK with acclaimed shows in London at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and another penciled in at Madame JoJo’s on 16th July. The shows have served V V with opportunity to showcase some of her new materiel – material that is going to form the core of her upcoming studio record, Samson and Delilah.

While the RnB beauty puts the finishing touches on the record, she is about to release the albums lead single Samson, a song that displays a whole new musical direction for the singer.

Samson is a considerably darker affair than what V V’s fans will be used to and it also carries a much more eclectic structure than her usual pop scented, radio-friendly offerings. Samson is a track that has been a long time in the making. We have been promised new material from the musician for quite a while but our patience has been rewarded with a track that encapsulates everything that is great about the stars engaging and inspiring songwriting talents.

Samson rides on a wave of eerie instrumental effects, an effective and darkly different vocal style and an accompanying video that really helps shift this track into much more eccentric and positively unnerving territory than any of her previous releases. The hook that is fixed within the tracks memorable chorus is enough to make this a successful comeback hit for V V.

Samson is a brave move for V V and one that most pop rooted acts would steer clear of but she has given the track and her new style time to evolve naturally rather than rushing it out in a quick-fire attempt to remain relevant, something that will help V V reclaim her position within music’s list of elite songwriters once again.

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