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Single Review: Woodkid Feat. Angel Haze – ‘I Love You’

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Have you heard of Woodkid? No? Then perhaps it is time that you wrote that name down and marked it for great things, for Woodkid is a man with his fingers in many pies. Seemingly a Jack-Of-All-Trades that manages to do all of his trades well, Woodkid – better known to some as Yoann Lemoine – has, for the time being, traded in his film based projects to tackle his other artistic love: music. With his new track I Love You largely serving as his introduction into the consciousness of the musical mainstream, he appears to have struck on gold.

woodkid i love youThe track is an affable affair, ambling confidently in before Woodkid’s voice rumbles over the increasingly dramatic pop. This is epic matter, with violins driving the song to new heights that, in certain instances, start to feel reminiscent of UK rapper Plan B during the era of his soul-tinged second album, The Defamation Of Strickland Banks. Elsewhere on the track, music press hypee, Angel Haze, provides a grittier, more bitter edge to Woodkid’s smooth and soothing vocal. Alternately the US rapper switches tack and joins Woodkid himself for the chorus of the song, proving she has more than one ace up her sleeve with her surprisingly charming singing voice, with the pair crooning the lyrics ‘Is there anything I could do/ Just to get some attention from you’. It could be said that the lyrical content almost opposes the musical nature of the song.

If songs such as I Love You are what Woodkid has to offer, it would not be surprising if he were to garner some chart success in the near future. Taken from the The Golden Age, the début album from the Grammy-nominated French director (who created music videos such as Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Drake and Rihanna’s Take Care) proves that he is far more than a one trick pony.