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Single Review: Swiss Lips – ‘U Got The Power’

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Electro-pop magicians Swiss Lips re-release their single U Got the Power on 28th April- and to say it’s a great track would be an understatement akin to calling Gandalf the White ‘a reasonable enough wizard’… The single was recently hailed by Radio 1’s Scott Mills as his Record of the Week and, with its beguiling synthesis of slick feel-good grooves and shimmering celestial pop, it’s not hard to see why: psychiatrists are already starting to prescribe a daily wake-up call of U Got The Power to manic depressives the world over.

U Got The PowerSam Hammond (vocals), Tim Estherby (keyboards), Luke Daniel (guitar), Nic Kozubik (drums), and Tom White (bass) all contribute to a sound showcasing an astounding affinity for drawing on and rechanneling an assortment of disparate influences: think synthy blasts of Bizarre Love Triangle era New Order meshed with the pop wizardry of The Beach Boys.

It’s essentially the perfect fusion of everything great from the past melded with the best of the present via the powers of quixotic musical alchemy: sky-scraping ethereal indie-pop riding an 80’s drumbeat nicely finished with a European synth veneer. If it doesn’t leave you grinning with mischievous glee you should run to the nearest mirror and check that you still have a reflection.

The EP comes with several interesting remixes of the lead track courtesy of The Horrors, Bastille and Monsieur Adi. The Monsieur Adi remix is the highlight of the revamps here, with Adi adding his trademark orchestral flourishes- at times it’s musically reminiscent of Liquid’s classic track Sweet Harmony. New track Diamonds is another driving slab of electro-pop sorcery that finds lead singer Sam pondering the paradoxical nature of celebrity with the hook-driven chorus “if you don’t wanna be sold don’t  ever be seen…”

Wise words from Swiss Lips that, on the basis of this outstanding release, will become all too relevant for the band in the coming months…

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