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Single Review: Hanson – ‘Get The Girl Back’

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Hanson are one of a few acts who made it out of the 90’s unscathed by the relentless pop turn mill. They achieved a staggering amount of success in their youthful heyday with chart placing singles like Where’s The Love, Weird, Thinking Of You and their signature hit, MMMBop. They became household names the world over when they released their breakthrough record Middle of Nowhere in 1997 and, unlike the majority of the bands fiercest competition, Hanson remain around today, thriving as they continue to turn out some of the best material of their 20 year career.

With a brand new album in the works titled Anthem, along with a world tour recently announced that will take the lads around the globe once again, Hanson have unleashed the lead single from Anthem to build anticipation for one of the years most anticipated pop records.

Get The Girl Back is a superb welcome back for Hanson who have never failed in unleashing memorable nuggets of pop splendor over the years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon if this track is anything to go by. The boys have a diverse catalogue of up-tempo gems and it is here that the band has opted to start the Anthem era off.

A deep bass line opens the new track before a slick Motown vibe takes us on a journey through 60’s R&B/Pop infused bliss. That familiar Hanson ‘sound’ is still out in full force throughout the track but the band seem to be capitalizing in the popularity of old school Motown and making it their own on this number.

While the lyrics are sentiment-heavy, the driving momentum showcases an adopted range of 60’s influences from the big-band instrumentation of the track right through to the rich, soulful vocal harmonies that explode as the band swings through this infectious monster. It is a much more mature style for Hanson but a style that fits the band like a fine suit.

Soul has been making a steady comeback over the past few years with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, Bruno Mars and, more recently, Justin Timberlake all making the genre a modern day musical staple. Hanson have seized an opportunity to ride a wave that could catapult the trio back into the international mainstream once again and this track may very well see the band taking up residence at the top once again.