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Single Review: Little Mix Feat. Missy Elliott – ‘How Ya Doin?’

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Little Mix have certainly pulled out all the stops with their latest single release, How Ya Doin?, as they offer yet another snappy, pop induced, hip-hop heavy hit.

LittleMixHowYaDoinThe track is the fourth single to be ripped from the group’s debut album, DNA, which was released at the end of 2012 and has already given birth to the singles – Wings, the album title track and Change Your Life. Little Mix have also started their infiltration of the US market with the group releasing Wings as their US debut single recently.

Not only have the girls turned out an urban explosion of beats and grooves with How Ya Doin?, a single that is well equipped to challenge the best within the genre, past and present, they have also enlisted yet another of the genres most recognized and celebrated players to inject a powerful rap segment in amongst the groups energetic, uplifting verse swapping. The group has already worked with Tionne ‘T-box’ Watkins of TLC fame on album highlight, Red Planet, and now with How Ya Doin? the foursome open up a spot on the track for Missy Elliott to add an international fingerprint to this new single.

Missy has previously helped other UK acts including Spice Girl Mel B (I Want You Back) to achieve international success. The collaboration proved a hit with audiences back in the late nineties with the track reaching the number one spot so there is promise for the icons appearance on How Ya Doin? given her track record with featured slots.

How Ya Doin? is a lyrical gem bursting at the seams with nineties nostalgia as the group sew a sample of Curiosity Killed The Cat’s 1989 hit, Name and Number into their latest single effort. Reciting the song’s famous line; “Hey, how ya doin?, sorry you can’t get through / Why don’t you leave your name and your number and I’ll get back to you”, each member offers a slick verse or bridge, placing their lyrical dexterity into the spotlight and creating a vocal joint effort before handing the reigns over to the Missy who unleashes a catchy 30 second rap licking, coating the track with her signature hip hop style and a seemingly effortless delivery.

How Ya Doin? is a superb follow up to the group’s previous three singles and with a video that is as eye catching as an explosion of skittles, the track boasts an international urban quality thanks to Missy’s memorable rap segment and the track’s flawless production. It’s funky, its playful and it is every bit the top quality offspring we have become accustomed to from the foursome since their X-Factor win.