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Single Review: Dido – ‘End of Night’

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Dido returned last month with her first album in almost 5 years, Girl Who Got Away and the album, the fourth in her career to date, found its way into our hearts from the very first listen.

DidoEndOfNightDido does ‘delay’ better than most artists out there with several years between each studio release. Unusually, this doesn’t seem to have hurt her career at all. In fact, Dido releases are considered one of the most anticipated events on the musical calendar whenever we hear of the pint-sized songbird going into the studio.

On the latest collection Dido has offered us we are taken back to her roots. Previous album, Safe Trip Home, though a remarkable recording, left a lot to be desired in terms of what the Dido camp had offered us on previous albums, No Angel and Life For Rent.

With two singles already released from Girl Who Got Away, Dido is about to unleash the third in the form of the impeccable, End Of Night.

End of Night mixes Dido’s effortless vocal delivery with dance roots that can be traced back to her debut, No Angel, and can also be partly credited to brother Rollo who was a founding member of UK dance act Faithless and who has been behind all of Dido’s previous studio collections, filling the records with a club orientated sensibility.

End of Night is without doubt one of the best recording of Dido’s career so far. Opening with a mild beat that persuades us toward Dido’s casual vocal licks, it is the chorus, with its momentous rhythm, hook heavy and echoed vocal stamp and infectious melody that grab you on this track. Lyrically dark, with Dido dismissing a partner who has betrayed her, telling him bluntly and unsympathetically in the tracks chorus, “I feel nothing when you cry, I hear nothing, see no need to reply” the track unfurls a scorned singer in what could easily be seen as the prequel or sister track to the songwriters notable 2004 Life For Rent inclusion, See You When You’re 40.

End of Night is as much a radio friendly hit as it is a dance-floor number with, no doubt, a whole host of DJ’s lining up to get their remix fingers all over the track. This really is one of the best tracks Dido has unleashed in her 13 year career and is certainly one the hottest tracks to come out of 2013 so far.

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