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Single Review: Say Lou Lou – ‘Julian’

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Say Lou Lou are Swedish/Australian sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey and if you haven’t heard of the duo up until this point – what rock have you been kept under?

Maybe You was the first track to be released by the duo at the end of 2012 under the stage name of Saint Lou Lou before a few trademark issues forced the duo to cast aside the ‘Saint’ and replace it with ‘Say’. The debut single lit an intriguing flame around the duo with its engaging lyricism and the tracks unique seasoning of dreamy synth-pop elegance.

Already a favorite amongst remix aficionados, thanks to the recent Monsieur Adi remix of the track, second single Julian offers us a vibrant and sweet continuation of that first hit single.

Though the tempo of this sophomore effort delves more heavily into balladry than its predecessor, it is quick to follow in the commercial footsteps of Maybe You with its pristine production and engaging lyrical storytelling, perhaps partly owed to the siblings time being shared between Australia and Sweden. The hauntingly sweet vocals that pull you into the track are casually draped over a memorable melody and a cool synth filling.

It’s a lyrically painted picture of escapism that reaches to the depths of your heart and rings with a timeless charm and will no doubt help Say Lou Lou become one of music’s biggest success stories of 2013.

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