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Single Review: Blake Lewis – ‘Your Touch’

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American Idol’s sixth season runner up Blake Lewis made his name on the televised reality show with the musician’s extraordinary beat boxing skills and charismatic vocal style. Though the Washington native lost out on the winners crown to fellow Idol contestant Jordan Sparks, Lewis was a favorite for viewers throughout the season and even went on to produce the fairly decent debut, A.D.D (Audio Day Dream) following his time on the show, helping Lewis capitalize on his time on the show.

BlakeLewisYourTouchThough the album sold relatively well throughout the US and spawned the Top 10 single, Break Anotha, Lewis’ sophomore effort, Heartbreak on Vinyl, didn’t fair quite so well and soon after its release Lewis seemed to vanish from the music industry just as quickly as he had arrived.

Four years have passed since the release of Heartbreak on Vinyl and Blake Lewis has returned with his first single offering, Your Touch, his first since 2010’s, Till We See the Sun.

Your Touch rapidly brings us up to speed with where Lewis is at right now in terms of his style and direction. Taking on a more electronica/dubstep sound with this new track, the singer is quick to jump on the bandwagon and popularity of dance orientated pop records that fork off into not just mainstream pop territory, but also translate easily within the club circuit and he has done a good job at tapping into both of those markets with this new number. Its pulsating rhythm and radio friendly quality opens up doors to a whole host of genres including commercial pop, electronica and even RnB, allowing the track to be accepted by a much larger audience than his previous records.

The feel of the song reminds us of the Alex Clare hit, Too Close, with its reverberating and spacey effects and the tracks overall panache. It’s a catchy hit for Lewis who doesn’t seem to have lost the magic musical touch that first got him recognized as a worthy talent on American Idol all those years ago.