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Single Review: The Fray – ‘Love Don’t Die’

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It’s interesting to note that bands such as The Fray and One Republic are criticised for being similar to one another and it can be pretty much confirmed that Love Don’t Die, The Fray’s latest single does have some influence on OneRepublic’s musical style. Although, that should not be a deterrent from listening to the song because if listened to more than three times, you eventually grow into liking the track.

The-Fray-Love-Dont-DieIt’s interesting how the song starts off because it’s normally not what The Fray would do. The Fray would normally start off with a ballad track or something that gives off some inspiring emotion but no, this track strays from all of that. It begins on a happy and enthusiastic note which makes it such an interesting song because it does not level up to your expectations on what The Fray should sound like.

The beginning of the track starts off quietly, with only a strum of the guitar and then it builds up throughout the beginning of the first verse. Slowly but surely, the chorus comes off strong with Isaac Slade’s vocals, showcasing that he’s back in the game with his ability to hit those high notes. The chorus itself is quite catchy and listeners may find it hard to adjust to the new sound The Fray may seem to give off in Love Don’t Die but to be fair, it seems like they were aiming for something refreshing and new and with this new track, it’s safe to say that they wanted this to be a positive anthem for anyone that listens to this song, that love never really dies when you find someone that means the whole world to you.

The Fray are planning to release their new album, Helios, sometime next year and this track pretty much reveals a basic idea on what new music they have in store for fans. To put it into perspective, there’s nothing wrong with a little alteration in a band’s musical genre when it’s done well and this should be an interesting surprise once they release this album. Either way, Love Don’t Die will keep fans on edge for The Fray’s new album and that could only mean a good thing!

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