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Single Review: The Rebel Light – ‘Jukebox Dream’

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If you’ve been stuck daydreaming of the 50’s/60’s surf life, this song would be the soundtrack to your life. The Rebel Light is a little indie-pop band from LA and they’re latest single Jukebox Dream scream an uncanny resemblance to the Beach Boys and Frankie Vallie And The Four Seasons. As soon as those tambourines roll in, a wave of nostalgia will hit you. And that’s pretty much the song in a nutshell. This track is a tidal wave of sunny skies, sandy beaches and sippin’ lemonade from a silly straw.

The Rebel Light - Jukebox DreamThe lyrics in Jukebox Dream have more of  an old school rhythm to it the way it deals with the promise of romance. With head over heels in love lyrics that remind me of The Beatles song She Loves You and Frankie Vallie’s December 1963, the band has really captured the rose tinted era.

With such a crisp sound, it’s hard to believe the band did all the recording at home. Recording the instruments in their living room and vocals in the kitchen, it’s no wonder there’s a sort of home bound feeling to it. The simplicity of the band’s recording method adds more of a warm, familiar atmosphere, the kind where you remember Sunday roasts with the family and swimming at the local pool with your siblings. And with such reminiscent elements you just can’t help but pulling out your record player and listening to the boy bands of the 60’s.

Jukebox Dream is a delightful track that will bring you down memory lane, or at least make you think of your grandparent’s hay day. The way the song makes you remember so many bands that have come and gone makes it so relatable and easy to listen to that you won’t mind taking a stroll through past over and over again.