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Single Review: Tyga – ‘Wait For A Minute’ feat. Justin Bieber

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If the name of Tyga has escaped your attention, please take a second to contemplate how this is so, for the Young Money cohort – at the still young age of 23 – already has four albums under his belt since he first debuted in 2007. Equally as impressive is the fact that, with the forthcoming 2014 release of his fifth album and fourth studio album, coined The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, Tyga will have released an album per year for the past three years.

Tyga Justin Bieber - Wait For A MinuteThe first single to be premiered from The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is Wait For A Minute, a track that guest features perhaps the surprise choice of teen-pop megastar, Justin Bieber. As unlikely as it seems, it works, with Bieber’s vocals providing a silky smooth R’n’B edge to the murky, bass driven track, marking what may prove to be a poignant, maturing turning point in his career.

Despite Wait For A Minute predominantly being Tyga’s song, you cannot help but feel that in this instance he is an accessory to his own track, with Bieber’s contribution easily making up a good two thirds of the single. Tyga’s verse whizzes by, and despite the song being a good four minutes in length; it is a case of blink and you will miss it. This aside, the duo compliment each other surprisingly well, with Bieber’s higher pitched vocal working parallel with Tyga’s deep voice, and despite Tyga’s claims that he intends The Gold Album to be a return to his less commercial rap roots, Wait For A Minute will no doubt be a sure-fire hit.